Our most recent tri-annual exhibition took place in 2023, where we proudly showed the best trees from our club members. This time we also took the opportunity to setup a photo studio to capture the beauty of every tree.

The exhibition was open for everyone, from beginner to long time professionals, to admire some of our finest bonsai and discover the enchanting world of small trees.

But that’s not all, a selection of well respected bonsai and accessories traders was present to welcome our visitors, to help them compliment their collection and toolbox.

We were lucky to visit hundreds of visitors during the 2 days of the exhibition. Many old and new friends found their way to Diepenbeek, and we can happily say that this was another great edition of our exhibition.

As always we learned a lot, and plans are already being made for next time, to ensure we stay up to date and can surprise everyone once again.

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