2023 was a special year and we slightly changed the philosophy behind Bonsai Club Eda Uchi Kai. This moment of reflection helped us to proceed independently and not being affiliated with a bonsai professional any more. We’re 100% enthusiasts and 100% amateur and it has always been our goal to bring our bonsai and knowledge to our highest level. This requires an open mind and we are always pushing our limits by continuously learning from each other and from the best specialists. 

These past 12 months were truly special. Most importantly, we had a lot of fun. Our exhibition with member trees only received a lot of national and international recognition. We welcomed many old and new friends.

In the past year we have worked with and learned from the following bonsai specialists: Marcio Meruje, Andres Bicocca, Jarek Lenarczyk, Teunis-Jan Klein, Sven Bertholt, David Roussel and Michael Tran. They all shared their knowledge and experience with us for which we are very grateful.

Looking forward to 2024, our 20th anniversary year. We think it’s quite something. But in the life of a bonsai 20 years are only a short moment in time. Therefore we want to ensure we take good care of our trees. We were able to commit many well-known specialists and put together a program for our members to make this another memorable year. 


Our most recent tri-annual exhibition took place in 2023, where we proudly showed the best trees from our club members. The exhibition was open for everyone, from beginner to long time professionals, to admire some of our finest bonsai and discover the enchanting world of small trees.


Our club program is always packed with nice events. Every month we meet to improve our knowledge and skills. We have been fortunate to welcome many bonsai professionals from around the world. For more info on our upcoming club events, check out the activities page on the site.


Under the guidance of Michael Tran from Minoru Bonsai, 3 completely different Pinus sylvestris yamadori were styled simultaneously by its respective owners. Michael provided his view, tips and of course fine tuning.


David Roussel from DR Bonsai Tables introduced us into his world of creating the most beautiful bonsai tables. Some of his designs are true master pieces and take many hours to create. Belgian craftsmanship ‘avant la lettre’. 


As always it was a pleasure to welcome Teunis-Jan Klein to our club. He discussed with us every aspect of presenting bonsai. A very welcome and interesting topic in a year where we hosted our tri-annual exhibition.


Under the professional guidance from Sven Bertholt, we spent a full day on creating accent plants, both kusamono as well as the smaller shitakusa. We all went home with new insights and ….. gorgeous accent plants!


During a 2 hour demo Jarek Lenarczykhe created a beautiful  Japanese larch forest planting from scratch. Jarek explained every step of the process, providing tips & tricks and answering questions from the engaged group of members.


We also welcomed Andres Bicocca and Marcio Meruje as our special guests. Andres demonstrated his famous woodworking skills on a few member trees, and shared many insights that will help us to continue to develop our trees.


In March 2023, longtime club member Lijdia Carpentier organized her bonsai exhibition, titled ‘my lifelong passion’. She showed more than 30 of her best trees, all groomed to perfection over the course of many years. It is rare to find such a good collection of trees in one exhibition, it is truly a unique experience when these belong to the same person. Not surprisingly that Lijdia was awarded during her show with the honorary membership of Eda Uchi Kai.

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