in 2023


Every time we meet, there’s a special theme. It could be a demo from a professional to show us techniques how to improve deadwood features on our trees. Or a lecture on fertilizing or creating accent plants. As we try to offer the best program for our members, we update the upcoming activities on a regular basis. To ensure the topics match our interest and serve our trees needs

  • 6 February | Demo forest from Jarek Lenarczyk
  • 6 March | Discussing trees and selection for Ten
  • 3 April | Presentation Teunis-Jan Klein 
  • 8 May | Tree discussion in small work groups
  • 4 Jun | Workshop accent plants from Sven Bertholt
  • 26 Aug | Visit Garden Luc Ceulemans 
  • 4 Sep | Bonsai Tables – David Roussel DR Bonsai Tables
  • 2 Oct | Tree preparation and workshop moss planting
  • 28/29 Oct: Exhibition Eda Uchi Kai
  • 4 Dec | Demo Michael Tran from Minoru Bonsai


APRIL | As always it was a pleasure to welcome Teunis-Jan Klein to our club. He took us through every aspect of presenting bonsai. A very welcome and interesting topic in a year where we will host our tri-annual exhibition.


JUNE | Under the professional guidance from Sven Bertholt, we spent a full day workshop on creating accent plants, both kusamono as well as the smaller shitakusa. We all went home with new insights and ….. gorgeous accent plants!


FEB 6 | It’s always a pleasure to welcome Jarek Lenarczyk. During a 2 hour demo he created a beautiful  Japanese larch forest planting from scratch. Jarek explained every step of the process, providing tips & tricks and answering questions from the engaged group of members. 


JAN 9 | 2023 started well with our first club meeting in which we welcomed 3 new committee members. And Alain De Wachter provided tips and tricks on how to further improve a zelkova, with the help from the zelkova from Wim Jame. Needless to say that we listened carefully.


DEC 12 | At the end of 2022, during our December club evening, we welcomed Andres Bicocca and Márcio Meruje as our special guests. Andres demonstrated his famous woodworking skills on a few trees, and shared many insights that will help us to continue to develop our trees.

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